Applied HPC with R


George G. Vega Yon


April 9, 2023


The R programming language (R Core Team 2023) can be fantastic for most daily tasks. But as soon as you start dealing with more complicated problems, you may face the for-loop bottle-neck. If you ever encounter such a problem, this book is for you. Applied HPC with R is a collection of talks and lectures I have given about speeding up your R code using parallel computing and other resources such as C++. The contents have been primarily developed during my time at USC and UofU.1

The book was written using quarto and is hosted on GitHub , where you can access all the source code.

  1. With many to thank, including Paul Marjoram, Zhi Yang, Emil Hvitfeldt, Malcolm Barrett, Garrett Weaver, USC’s IMAGE P01 research group, and my students both at USC and UoU.↩︎